At The Turning of the Year

Constant change is the essence of this fragile world. Water, which slides down my throat quenching a thirst in the heat of summer, can hold me suspended on the icy edge of a skate that glides into the winter wind. Sunflower seeds, which feed the migrating birds, fall to the ground and become golden stars shining through the false night of a stormy August afternoon.

We are in the studio recording At the Turning of the Year while outside another heavy rain drenches the gardens, thick with color. In the midst of this adolescent abundance, we sing of their brown demise. Part of giving thanks is knowing loss. Part of generosity is understanding deprivation. Last year, corn stood parched in the fields.

Autumn is an exercise in goodbyes, reminding us that our time is measured in transtitions. We walk through woods and thickets, on layers of past years' growth, pushing the acorns deeper into that fertile wisdom with each step. Nothing is completely lost. Life, an eternal dancer, turns... and turns again.

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Produced by Herdman, Hills, Mangsen

Oboe arrangements by Cindy Mangsen

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Scott Petito at NRS North, Catskill, NY

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