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Double Yodel

(Lou & Peter Berryman, ©1995)

I was once a lonesome cowboy, ask my cattle I was once a cowgirl incomplete and blue 'Til the roundup when we came to share a saddle Now we do all of the things that sidekicks do Plus not only does romancing go with dancing On the chaparral without a chaperone But additionally it seems to be enhancing All the thousand things we used to do alone Like when I sneeze I have a guy to say gesundheit Changing a fuse I have a gal to hold the flashlight But of all these the one that made my pleasure total Is that I found I have a pal to help me yodel Chorus: Yodeladay (ee) tee oh Yodelay (ee) tee oh (oo) We yodel along the trail all day Yodeladay (ee) Yodelay (ee) Yo (del) ay (ee) Yo (del) ay (ee) In an easy double vocal yodel way Saturday night when we confuse the palomino Taking the long romantic way to the casino Riding along we share a jug of amaretto And after I sing a bit of bass (I sing falsetto) Lucky we are to have each other for assistance For when the locals hear us yodel in the distance And when they say "That yokel's vocal cords are supple" They'd be surprised to find that yokel is a couple


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