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"Songs of Experience" / Cindy Mangsen

These are songs of experience. Most of them are old songs, shaped by various singers and times. They open a door between past and present. Most of the songs tell stories, some with all the details, some with just a glance. I don't sing them because they are old, but because they speak to me, as they must have to the singers who brought them this far. I sing them because they connect me to the long line of human beings who sing, for so many reasons.

With help from a few special friends, Pete Sutherland, Jennifer Weeks, Anne Hills and Priscilla Herdman. The Songs are; Wedding Dress * October Roses * The Snow Is On the Ground * The Haunted Hunter * She Perished in the Snow * Dessus le Pont de Londres * The Cruel Mother * Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still * Clerk Saunders * I Hela Naturen/Gus's Waltz * Shallow Brown *

CD only (RWMCD 5405)

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The CDs are $10.00 and the books are $15.00 Please add $3.00 to the total to cover shipping and handling. Let us know if you would like an autograph.

Please make check for total amount payable to:

Compass Rose Music * Post Office Box 147 * North Bennington,VT 05257

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