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"Texas & Tennessee" / Steve Gillette

They say that if you've lived in two places, you know more about both of them. There are songs that have dual citizenship too. I spent about ten years on a journey that was all about that kind of song. The odyssey described in the songs here has led me from the campfires of Kerrville to the studios of Nashville and back. It's a journey that isn't over. While much of this writing was done for the business of music, I've never quite been able to believe a song until I have the experience of hearing it with my campfire ears.

Texas & Tennessee is an ambitious concept album with help from many talented friends; Larry Atamaniuk, Rey Castillo, Charles Cochran, Richard Curiel, Jeff Gillette, Mark Graham, Wayne Hartel, Anne Hills, Orville Johnson, Cindy Mangsen, Mike Williams, Steve Richards, Mark Schatz, Roger Spencer, Pete Sutherland, and Pete Wasner.

Here's To the Rocky Road * Cornstalk Pony * Ghost Rider's Medley * Railroad Written All Over Him * Two Ten Train * Two Men In the Building * Lorena * No Pronuncias Mi Nombre * The Windows of Heaven * One Door * The Eye of the Hurricane< * The West Texas Wind * If You're Ever In Texas

CD only (RWMCD 5404)

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