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Family Car

(Lou & Peter Berryman, ©1988)

Seems like nothing had paid off, unexpectedly laid off We'd just been evicted, our hearts were so heavy And yet we were thankful we had half a tankful And we were all able to squeeze in the Chevy Chorus: Because when you're down and out, as low as a man can get Remember the family car's America's safety net There is a place for you no matter who you are No one denies your right to live in your car My mother said, crying, "Are you really trying? You live in a Chevy. Now son, I been thinkin' If you'd only bother to work hard like your father By the time he was your age he lived in a Lincoln" Chorus With a couch on the roof rack and a dog in the wayback Three wishes I wish for to make my life sweeter Some steam from your thermos on my cold epidermis Some change for the better and some change for the meter Chorus


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