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Now Everything Does

(Lou & Peter Berryman, ©2011)

There's no point in living in the past they say Even though there is more of it every day I don't talk too much about what I've been through Then again on second thought I probably do Love confused me way back when, now everything does Swimming made me hungry then, now everything does I remember Moonlight Bay the way it was Used to take my breath away, now everything does I'm not sayin' I'm overwhelmed with future shock I'm not sayin' I wish I could reset the clock I doubt I would go back one year if I could Then again on second thought, I probably would Summer used to go too fast, now everything does Cowboys rode out of the past, now everything does I recall my first TV the way it was It used to look all blurry then, now everything does I'm not sayin' that anything has changed you know It's the same old same old only more so though And I'm not sayin' that I'm too old to give a damn Then again on second thought, I usually am Flashlights needed batteries, now everything does Chow mein came from overseas, now everything does Bowling had a special shoe, now everything does Most things made me think of you, now everything does


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