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Red Kimono

(Lou & Peter Berryman, ©1996)

With sun on the aspidistra, with news on the motorola I picked up my red kimono from the chair With breakfast a little nearer, I glanced in the bureau mirror Anxious as to who I'd see there It coulda been Oprah, it coulda been Elvis It coulda been Eva Gabor It coulda been Kerouac, it coulda been Balzac Or Mister Kashudak next door It coulda been Billy, my cousin in Philly Or Waylon or Willie or Robert E. Lee The Mona Lisa or Mother Theresa But it happened to be me I went down to feed the budgie and plug in the Mr. Coffee And fumble inconsequently with my hair While peeling an avocado, I peeked out the kitchen window Anxious as to what I'd see there It coulda been Cleveland, it coulda been Sweden It coulda been Mercury or Spain It coulda been Burnaby, British Columbia It coulda been Muncie or Maine The Mall of America or Buenaventura Or Montevideo Boulevard It coulda been Omaha, it coulda been Panama But it looked like our yard Where standing among the clover, my darling along with Rover Were watching the sun go over like a blur With wonder and admiration I gazed at the situation Perplexed at how lucky we were We coulda been isotopes, we coulda been cantaloupes We coulda been hatracks or dice We coulda been semaphores, we coulda been dinosaurs We coulda been cough drops or lice We coulda been roadmaps, a bucket of mousetraps A couple of big shoes on a bus We coulda been dipsticks or lavender lipsticks But we happened to be us That night I had nightmares my life was remade And the universe all rearranged In the morning I gingerly opened my eyes Afraid that the world may have changed I rose from my hibernation to check out the situation And soon my exhilaration filled the air With sun on the aspidistra, with news on the motorola I picked up my red kimono from the chair


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